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Title: Hungry Hungry Hipsters

Writer: Emma Lungiswa de Wet

Genre: Dark Comedy

Target Audience: 18-35 Gen Y & Z

Length: 100 Minutes

Est Budget: $ 2.5 Million

Log Line: A colourful clique of twenty-somethings at a remote desert music festival must fight off flesh-hungry hordes of hipster zombies.

Themes: Self Expression, Individuality, Control, Social Media

Title: Picture Perfect Heist

Writer: Brent Palmer

Genre: Comedy

Target Audience: 18-35

Length: 100 Minutes

Est Budget: $ 370 000

Log Line: Two bumbling henchmen are tired of being at the bottom of the pecking order. Dwain & Hendry decide to take matters into their own hands attempting to sell a priceless stolen painting.

Themes: Self Worth

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